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Tips & tricks for Cocktails @home
Making cocktails difficult? Not with these tips & tricks. Just give it a try and Let’s make a cocktail at home!

No cocktail tools @home? #DIY

No special cocktail tools at home? No problem! We show you how you can make great cocktails with just using tools from your kitchen cabinet.

How to shake?

You think cocktail shaking is difficult? Check out these tips!

Ice, Ice Baby!

Did you know one of the most important ingredients for making cocktails is ICE?

How to garnish a cocktail?

It’s all about presentation! These examples will complete your tasty cocktail.

Cocktails for sharing

Having guests? What is nicer then sharing a cocktail together?!

How to premix a cocktail?

Perfect for a dinner party, BBQ or birthday: see how you can serve a special drink without spending the whole evening preparing drinks

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